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About the Practitioner

Jorge Armando Villalobos Martinez                     

C.A.M.T.C. license number 48540

Russian Medical Massage

Trigger Point Therapy

Spa Massage

Maternity Massage

Lumbar and Cervical Traction

Post Isometric Relaxation

Chair Massage

Pregnancy Massage

T.M.J. Disorder

Carpal Tunnel Massage

Piriformis Muscle Syndrome(sciatica)

Median Nerve Massage (tennis elbow)


Thai massage

The reason I got into massage was for my mother.  When I saw she was drinking a lot of blood thinners due to her heart murmur. I was looking for alternative medicine, and massage kept coming up.  So I looked for schools.  Many of them I didn't understand because I needed a more science-based massage school. Sochi was one of the schools that explained that the body is the best biological machine.  Since then I have devoted myself to doing the best technics.  That I know can help my clients. Whether It be by recommending supplements such as lavender for stress.  Recommending arnica as a dis inflammatory in injuries.  I have massage more than a hundred different people. I worked with big entities such as massage envy for 2 years.  I have learned a lot more since then I have help people with various conditions.  I feel that I started wanting to help people and now I find myself enjoying every massage.  I find I get the opportunity to possibly make things better for them.  I feel proud because as it stands 80% of people have positive results after my massage.  This is my brief history in massage.

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